Advanced Technologies International
Systems Guide

AT1000Ex – White Light System

Areospace Fuel Cell Inspection The AT1000Ex White light source is fitted with internal hot mirrors and filters used to remove the IR and UV components from the lamps output. This allows for the transmission of the maximum amount of visible light.

ATI Solid Core Polymer Cable – White protective jacket.

  • The ATI Solid Core Polymer Cable is designed to carry the maximum amount of visible light and reject as much UV and Infra Red light as possible. UV is detrimental to Solid core Fibre Optics.
  • Extremely white light for close inspection and for flood lighting in hazardous areas.
  • Uses clear focus lenses and clear distribution lenses.
  • Has some light leakage from sides of cable.

AT1000Ex – Black Light Source (UVA)

The AT1000Ex light source is fitted with a special UV lamp and UVA Band Pass filters which provides an output of UV light that far exceeds the International standards for UV Non Destructive Testing (NDT). Nearly all of the visible light is removed from this light source.

ATI Liquid Light Guide

The liquid light guide is formulated to carry UVA light with maximum transmittance at 365nm.